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We are independent wine merchants operating since 1991. We have won many awards over the years and pride ourselves on an ever changing, exciting, unique selection of hand picked wines...

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Mixed Cases

september wines of the month

September Wines of the Month

As we move into Autumn (whatever happened to Summer ?!!) then we have a few fuller styles of wine, but of course we live in hope and some great bbq wines too. As ever a selection of new vintages of old favourites plus some new wines to our portfolio. A veritable smorgasboard of grape varieties, countries and styles, and all at the usual discounted mixed case price.

£137 for 12 wonderful wines.

mixed rose pack

Mixed Rose Best Sellers 6-Pack

A selection of seriously impressive, highly rated and our most popular rosé wines that look good and taste good- and not just for warm weather! All dry but with plenty of fruit. Think of these as aperitif's some of the fuller ones have the flavour of red wine, but the body of white making them really food versatile. Also pretty good with lightly spiced foods, grilled fish and white meats etc. Don't forget Rosé !

£79.95 for 6 delicious roses!

Joseph Phelps 2018 Insignia & Cabernet Sauvignon

joseph phelps

Joseph Phelps Insignia

Joseph Phelps was one of the great visionaries of Napa Valley. His legacy is one of extraordinary quality. He was one of the first to see the merit in blending, which his legendary Insignia, which first debuted in 1974, has proven year after year. It remains one of the world’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon-dominated blends.”
Robert M. Parker, Jr.
joseph phelps insignia
case of 6
joseph phelps cabernet
case of 6

Shafer Vineyards Pre Release Offer

shafer vineyards

Shafer Autumn 2021 Pre Release

We are delighted to announce the latest releases from Shafer Vineyards, which includes the exceptional 2017 Hillside Select, and the fifth release of TD-9. Founded in 1978, Shafer Vineyards is situated in the Stags Leap District of Napa Valley, east of the Silverado Trail and just north of the town of Napa. Although their main focus has always been luxuriant, richly textured Cabernet Sauvignons from their Stags Leap vineyards, they own and farm vineyards also in Carneros. In recent years, we saw the introduction of TD-9; representing an evolution of Shafer Vineyards Merlot, which had been a cornerstone of their range for 30 years. A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, TD-9 is fine and complex, whilst retaining the joyous, plush, generous fruit which characterised their varietal Merlot.
shafer red shoulder ranch chardonnay
case of 6
shafer hillside
case of 6

Peter Michael Winery Offer

petermichael vineyard

Peter Michael Winery Offer

Extraordinary wines from one of California's very finest. Tiny quantity.
peter michael pavots
peter michael carriere

Torbreck Vintners New Releases

torbreck winery

Torbreck Vintners New Releases

We are delighted to announce the release of the latest vintages from Torbreck Vintners. Both 2016 and 2018 have been described by the Torbreck team as ‘’extraordinary years’’ and never before have two such strong vintages been released side by side. Both vintages have been described by Head Winemaker, Ian Hongell, as incredibly memorable and an absolute pleasure to work.
torbreck laird

Torbreck Vinters 'The Laird'

2016 75cl Australia
torbreck factor
case of 6

Eisele Vineyards Pre Release

eisele vineyard

Eisele Vineyards Pre Release

These extraordinary wines are in huge demand and the UK gets a very small allocation. The vineyard was first planted over 130 years ago and was most recently named after Milton and Barbara Eisele, who bought the property in 1969. The latest chapter began in 2013, when Eisele Vineyard was purchased by Francois Pinault – the owner of Artemis (Chateau Latour, Domaine d’Eugenie and Chateau Grillet), which has already seen even greater investment and a determination to build further upon the marvellous legacy of this unique site.
eisele sauvignon blanc
case of 3
eisele cabernet sauvignon


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