Wedding Advice - we will very happily spend time with you over your menu and show you various options that will appeal both to yourselves and of course your very important friends and family! Taste in the comfort of our Wine Bar when closed, or we will happily come to you with samples for you to taste.

We offer the very practical and stress-relieving Sale or Return option too, so you don't need to worry about running out. Having supplied countless weddings in our 30 years, we have a perfect grasp on the average consiumption and the do's & dont's when it comes to the wine!!

Cellar Planning: we have designed numerous cellars for clients who are either quite new to wine and cellaring, or those very experienced but have perhaps exhausted their current wines and are looking to refresh or perhaps are finding their tastes are changing - or of course need professional advice and are short of time. All bespoke, we will come to you (or you to us) to talk about your favourite (and perhaps more importantly least favourite!) wines and find out what type of cellar you are looking for: short, medium, or long-term cellaring wines.