Noel Young

Status: Married - Vicky, children: Jack & Jessica

Time with NYW: Started Noel Young Wines in 1991

Favourite wine: Hard to choose: love Champagne, especially with age. Rhone wines, Pinot Noir when it's sweet and pure, Riesling. Balanced, oaked Chardonnay, Australian Shiraz/Grenache/Mourvedre, as varietal's or blends Gruner Veltliner and Austrian dessert wines. Albarino, Godello and Txakoli. Loving Italian reds especially Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Barbera. Dry Lambrusco. Vermouth.

Least favourite: Unripe wines. Unbalanced wines, Late harvested varieties in cool climate areas ie. Shiraz in Tasmania (although some decent ones emerging!)! Much-hyped Bordeaux. Wine that tastes of cider. Wine labelled as 'natural' with no sense of place or variety, just faults.

Most annoying thing about wine trade:The lack of adventure in some wine drinkers: we've been drinking so & so's good ordinary Claret for years… and indeed some couriers/delivery drivers!

Favourite food:I love outdoor cooking and have 7 barbecues...Meat in general! Slow roasted meats, top quality Burgers are hugely under-appreciated, also fish such as Turbot, Dover Sole, Brill. Paella Valenciana, authentic Tapas, traditional English breakfast, Shellfish especially from Australia, good Mexican, love a bit of chilli too. Hot buttered toast and bovril can also be heavenly.

Food & wine: Sparkling Shiraz & barbecued foods. Good off-dry rose with spicy foods, Gruner Veltliner and white meats. Pinot Noir and Grenache with spicy food (chilli/some curries). Albarino and meaty fish like Brill, Turbot etc. White burgundy and Dover Sole.

Interests: Wine! Beer! Spirits!…my family, travel- especially Valencia, eating out, pubs, Cambridge United FC and sport in general, music, especially Morrissey, films & classic tv.

Favourite links:!,, (fantastic meat).

Desert island wine: Australian Sparkling Shiraz: I love Champagne and also full bodied spicy reds, especially Shiraz, and it needs to have a bit of alcohol! So Sparkling Shiraz it is, with perhaps Rockford Black, Seppelt Show Reserve, Charles Melton or E&E Black Pepper at the top of the list, and of course now my own Magpie Estate 'The Tight Cluster'!.

Dan Young

Status: Engaged (Roseli)

Time with NYW: Since 1993/4

Favourite wine: Chenin, Chardonnay, Riesling, Gruner Veltliner, Pinot Noir, fizz.

Least favourite: Blush wines, Rioja (old style), unripe anything, Viognier (just don't like honeysuckle!).

Most annoying thing about wine trade: Certain delivery drivers, corked wines at 11pm.

Favourite food: Rib of beef, Xmas dinner, glorious Pork, sausages, scallops and proper fish, BBQ/braai/live fire cooking, organic chicken.

Food & wine: Riesling is supremely versatile - fish, chicken, lightly spiced, chinese. Chardonnay & Gruner Veltliner with fish & white meats.

Interests: Wine, sport (esp. Golf, football, cricket), films, cooking, reading, travelling, gaming, wildlife, cycling and running.

Favourite links:,, Etsy, eBay, Facebook BBQ pages, Google Maps

Desert island wine: Montrachet for it's sheer indulgence and layered mutifaceted flavours and aromas. Also a fair chance of some decent fish on a desert island, not too many cows!

Jamie Harrison

Status: Married - Angharad. Children: Alexander & Sebastian (twins)

Time with NYW: Since 1998

Favourite wine: A tough question... Chard, Ries, fizz (also red fizz and Moscato), Shiraz, Malbec.

Least favourite: Bad Cava, sweet rose, Hunter Semillon.

Most annoying thing about wine trade: Lifestyle shows on television that make us all look like a bunch of efete snobs. The word ' winebuff '.

Favourite food: Homemade bolognese, good burgers, scallops, steaks and glorious bacon.

Food & wine: BBQ meats with a red with bags of sweet fruit.

Interests: Reading (SF&F, military history fiction and non-fiction ) eating out, sport (footie, cricket playing and watching, rugby union, darts). Travel epecially Greece and Madeira

Favourite links:,,,

Desert island wine: Fizz and lots of it. The versatility of sparkling booze! Red, white, dry, semi-sweet. Of course if you found another islander with a different kink then Champagne cocktails are great fun too.

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