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tardicion cream vos

Bodegas Tradición Cream Tradición Vos 20 Years


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Produced from 100 % Pedro Ximenez grapes of which 100% are dried grapes, pressed in a traditional press. Not alwayas everyone’s cup of tea owing to the exceptional sweetness and intensity, this powerful PX nevertheless finishes clean and on fruit. Seriously malty at first, staining the glass brown, it conjurs deep notes of coffee, dark chocolate and raisin – before sliding across the palate with amazing poise for a wine of such staining intensity. Notes of unsulphured dried apricots, figs, dark brown muscovado sugar, banana, date and liquorice last on the palate for minutes. Some argue PX is best on ice cream, and given the sheer scale of this wine its perhaps hard to argue otherwise (decadent and perhaps sacrilegious as that sounds) – but however you like to enjoy it, this is a hugely decadent, complex, self-assured wine of probably infinite lifespan. The bodega have full faith that once opened a bottle should last for up to a year if kept upright with the cork put back in - so there’s no need to rush through the bottle, would that restraint so easily be counted upon!

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