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Sadie Family Wines 2021 Release

E B E N ’ S N O T E S R E L E A S E 2 0 2 1

While writing these notes on the past year, it has actually dawned on me that it has been over 12 months now that most of us have been living with the new reality of Covid 19 and the massive cost it has on all levels of society.
In this period we have also been reminded that one cannot stop working towards a better future nor can one stop living, since life just goes on! We have had an ultra-busy year with so much going on in the vineyards – on hindsight the past year seems like a freight train in full speed… and that in a period in which nobody was travelling anywhere. This absence of travel has actually been one of the major advantages since we were here all the time and on the job… and we truly got things done. Our new plantings on the West Coast at the Bottelfontein property already look like vineyards that have been there forever and they have completely changed the landscape. At home the last remaining parcel of land on the Rotsvas property has also been prepared to be planted this coming season. This vineyard will be called Sonvang. The soil preparation went very well and for this virgin soil site we actually ended up with great prospects of future plantings. The varieties to be planted in the Sonvang vineyard include
Alicante Bouchet, Agiorghitiko, Pontac, Tinta Amarella, Tinta Barocca, Bastardo, Lleudoner Pelut, Syrah for the red fraction; and on the white soil section of this vineyard we will plant Grillo, Cinsault Blanc, Palomino, Grenache Blanc, Semillon and Clairette Blanche. This past winter was spent on a massive project to get all of this historical material assembled and grafted.
We had a very good take in the nursery and in January the new vines looked impressive, so we are looking forward to the planting this winter - if possible, during the first two weeks of August, being the period in which we planted all our other vineyards in the past.

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Sadie Family Wines 'Treinspoor'

2020 75cl South Africa

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