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Eisele Vineyard Offer 2019/2020

Eisele Vineyard is one of the greatest single vineyards in northern California. It comprises some 38 acres of warm, cobbly soils, located on an alluvial fan just east of Calistoga – protected by the Palisades Mountains to the north and cooled by westerly breezes from the Chalk Hill Gap. The reserves of groundwater lie at great depth and encourage the roots to delve deep into the subsoil for moisture. The well drained soils, warm days and cool nights result in low yields of thick-skinned, small, intensely flavoured berries. The vineyard was first planted over 130 years ago and was most recently named after Milton and Barbara Eisele, who bought the property in 1969. However, following Bart and Daphne Araujo’s acquisition of the property in 1990, they were responsible for producing some of the world’s greatest and most sought-after Cabernet Sauvignon based wines. The latest chapter began in 2013, when Eisele Vineyard was purchased by Francois Pinault – the owner of Artemis (Chateau Latour, Domaine d’Eugenie and Chateau Grillet), which has already seen even greater investment and a determination to build further upon the marvellous legacy of this unique site.


The wines will be shipped at the end of 2022, but please bear in mind continuing delays and challenges of acquiring temperature controlled ships may cause the shipment to arrive early 2023 instead.

eisele vineyard front gate
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