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Alheit South Africa 2020 Release

We are, as ever, delighted to be able to offer the latest releases from Chris & Suzaan Alheit. What is not so delightful is the lack of quantity! So please be quick when ordering them. We expect (hope) to receive the wines in the middle of November.


  • A dry year…
  • Like 2016, a challenging vintage, after the ‘gift’ that was 2019
  • Wines have higher pH, but the fruit was clean, with good levels of concentration
  • More work was needed at the blending stage for Chris and Suzaan to be satisfied with the result. There was a lot of ‘culling’…
  • All the wines go through malolactic fermentation.
  • The wines have all enjoyed an extended period on their primary lees this year. This is due to the delay in imported bottles being delivered. Good for the wine. 
  • For this reason, we are around two months late in publishing the offer and for the wines to be shipped.




  • There is no Broom Ridge this vintage due to a rain ‘event’ in late January that diluted a second pick. The first pick was absorbed into Cartology




  • There is no Huilkrans this vintage. The conditions here were opposite to those at Broom Ridge. The vineyard saw no rain during the previous season and started to drop leaves while the fruit was still hanging.
  • It was decided to pick the fruit early (19 brix) to protect the vines for the next season.
  • This early pick resulted in one cement egg of wine which has also been absorbed into Cartology, lending the wine some additional aromatic qualities and a nervous acidity.
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alheit hereafter

Alheit 'Hereafter Here'

2020 75cl South Africa
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alheit cartology

Alheit Vineyards 'Cartology'

2020 75cl South Africa
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