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Massaya Blanc

Massaya Blanc


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This is a delicious new white from Massaya, who continue to make great wines in very difficult conditions. 35% the local Obeidi grape, Clairette 35%, Sauvignon Blanc 15% and Chardonnay 15%. The grapes are grown on the hillsides of the Bekka Valley at an altitude of 1200-1500 metres above sea-level. Unoaked and aromatic. Quite floral, hints of pear, citrus and gentle spice. Quite rich on the palate, floral again. with a lovely soft character, quite spicy and then a lovely fresh citrus finish. You can see how it's had some stylistic influence from the Rhone Valley (co proprietors are the Brunier family of Vieux Telegraphe fame). A wine that grows and changes in the glass aromatic and almost mandarin flavours, really interesting and well worth trying.

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