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The Liberator Episode 31 'Riesling's to be Cheerful'

The Liberator Episode 31 'Riesling's to be Cheerful'


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Another limited release from UK wine merchant Rick! Calitzdorp is not the logical place to go hunting for Riesling, but here is another potential ‘hit’ that came out of Rick’s world tour of the Cape in March 2020, just prior to lockdown. The still-fermenting juice was presented to Rick by Margaux Nel of Boplaas, from grapes she and her partner, Leon had sourced from an apple farmer in Elgin. Rick noted that it tasted ‘promising’… Dry, aromatic and fresh-apples, lime a hint of grapefruit. Zesty on palate, lime and lemon to the fore, quite a summery style but in the depth of a very cold lockdown its put a smile on my face. Great with some ubër fresh flounder.

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