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alheit monument

Alheit 'Monument'


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  • This is the new name for ‘La Colline’. A legal challenge from another producer who had ‘La Colline’ registered since the 1970s meant that an alternative name was needed.
  • Monument is a fitting name since the vineyard sits now far away from the Huguenot monument in Franschhoek.
  • The grapes are sourced from the higher slope of the La Colline farm in Robertsvlei Road.
  • The lower portion goes into Cartology.
  • This year, Chris changed the winemaking in that it was left in barrel on the primary lees for longer to try and reduce the reduction that the wine sees in its youth.
  • Aged in seven year old, ex-Chardonnay barriques, sourced from Creation, further up the H&A valley.
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