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Seven of Hearts

The goal of Seven of Hearts is to produce fine wines that truly reflect their terroir – vintage, site, soil and clone. They use native yeast in our red wines, and whole cluster fermentation when appropriate to accentuate layers and complexity; they work with fourteen to fifteen different vineyards in the Willamette and Columbia Valleys , farmed to their winemaker’s direction. Every vineyard, every vintage, requires different decisions. Their goal is to never make the same wine twice, by allowing the wines to reflect the unique qualities of each vintage’s time and place.
The Seven of Hearts winemaker, Byron, is usually in the tasting room on weekends happily talking about his wine, his process and his work. 
Good wine is for everyone. 
“I’m basically willing and wanting to sell wine to any type of customer, except three (under age, alcoholics, and anyone with a medical condition that shouldn’t drink). They include young, old, men, women, straight, LGBT, cowboys, stock-brockers, democrats, republicans, religious, non-religious, educated, uneducated, cat lovers, dog lovers, Texans, Utahians, rich, poor, Ferrari drivers, Yugo drivers, red wine drinkers, white wine drinkers, purple people, green people, blue people, etc., etc. It’s one of our tenets in the tasting room (and really anywhere): treat all your potential customers exactly the same." he says.

Harvesting in one of the Seven of Hearts single-vineyard sites
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