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Cà dei Maghi

Ca dei Maghi is a small farm in the hills of Valpolicella making very small quantities of the most exquisite wines. Although started in the 1950's it is only since 2011 when Paolo Creazzi took over the reins that this estate has gone from being 'good' to outstanding. Each year he seeks to express classical Valpolicella at its very best while his natural inclination to experiment and try new things is shown in the small range of IGT wines produced. 

Every growing and winemaking decision made is a deliberate step in the search for the finest wines possible, there is no work around or shortcut with these wines - everything is about making the best wines down to the finest detail. Already with his first release Paolo is winning major recognition and this is an estate that will surely go on to become one of the great names of Veneto winemaking. These wines are often made in small quantities, particularly the Amarone and Ripasso releases, so do not sleep on these wines.

Ca dei Maghi farming
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Ca dei Maghi Valpolicella Classico
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