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Au Bon Climat October 2021 Offer Mixed Case

Au Bon Climat October 2021 Offer Mixed Case

Contains 3 bottles each of:  

 per case
bedrock mixed case

Bedrock Wine Co Mixed 6 Limited Releases

I love these Bedrock wines, fabulous old vine reds many of which are field blends sho

 per case
entertaining mixed case

Mixed Case No.1 Entertaining Case

A selection of easy drinking wines suitable for any occasion.

 per case
austrian mixed 6 pack

Mixed Case No.10 Austrian 6-Pack

We have championed Austrian wines for nearly 30 years! Here is a great selection of styles.

 per case
mixed german 6 pack

Mixed Case No.11 German 6-Pack

We are selling a huge amount of German wine at the moment, the more modern drier styles proving v

 per case
valencia mixed case

Mixed Case No.12 Valencia 6-Pack

I am spending 7-10 days a month these days in Valencia and very soon hope to do some of my own wi

 per case
pinot noir mixed 6

Mixed Case No.13 Pinot Noir Lovers 6-Pack

Pinot Noir is still increasing in popularity, the lighter style of wine is increasing popular, an

 per case
argentinean malbec mixed case

Mixed Case No.14 Argentinean Malbec 6-Pack

The Argentinean Malbec bandwagon keeps on rolling. It's just a very popular style of wine.

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new zealand sauvignon mixed 6

Mixed Case No.15 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack

For those that love New Zealand Sauvignon here are 6 fabulous examples from the excellent 2020 an

 per case
zinfandel mixed 6

Mixed Case No.16 Zinfandel 6-Pack

Zinfandel is really popular at NYW, and when made properly it's a cracking match to Thanksgiving

 per case
claret mixed case

Mixed Case No.17 Claret Lovers 6-Pack

A perennially popular case.

 per case
magpie mixed pack

Mixed Case No.18 Magpie Estate Mixed 6-Pack

A six pack of some of the best selling wines in the Magpie Estate range, made by Rolf Binder and

 per case
an all round mixture of wines

Mixed Case No.2 'All Rounder' Mixed Case

A popular, mid-priced case with some delicious wines that should cater for most occasions.

 per case
rose best sellers

Mixed Case No.20 Rosé Best Sellers 6-Pack

A selection of seriously impressive, highly rated and our most popular rosé wines that look good

 per case
old world mixed 12

Mixed Case No.3 'Old World Favourites' Mixed Case

A selection of our most popular European wines that also are characterful, verstile wines food wi

 per case
new world mixed 12

Mixed Case No.4 'New World Favourites' Case

A selection of some our most popular wines from the New World.

 per case
greek mixed case

Mixed Case No.7 'Greek Favourites 6-Pack'

We love Greek wines and are delighted to see them grow in poularity.

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rioja mixed 6

Mixed Case No.8 Rioja 6-Pack

So many amazing Riojas at present, and so many styles.

 per case
beaujolais mixed case

Mixed Case No.9 Beaujolais Mixed 6-Pack

Beaujolais is on a run of great vintages and consequently some brilliant and enjoyable wines.

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april 2022 wines of the month

Wines of The Month April 2022

Lots of new wines- many initially chosen because of the gorgeous warm sunny weather in March that

 per case
Wines of The Month May 2022

Wines of The Month May 2022

With the weather showing signs of being warmer and drier i always think of cooking outdoors.

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