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magpie mixed pack

Mixed Case No.18 Magpie Estate Mixed 6-Pack

Mixed Case
Case of 6

A six pack of some of the best selling wines in the Magpie Estate range, made by Rolf Binder and Noel.

Sadly Magpie Estate has sold all its assets leaving just some stock and the brand names. Who knows what the future holds, but nothing has been made for release since 2019. Enjoy whilst you can. 

Mixed Case Contents:
Quantity: 1
Price: £ 15.69
This wine is a heady embrace of dark spice; it's no coincidence that there’s a distinct clove note in this wine. Bright, fresh, textural in spite of 22 months…
Magpie Estate 'The Fakir'
Quantity: 1
Price: £ 14.50
The latest Fakir! The first since 2012 and very different in style. The Grenache largely comes from the Neldner vineyards in Gomersal, we added a portion from…
Magpie Estate 'The Black Craft'
Quantity: 1
Price: £ 13.05
The latest Black Craft and the third to be made with a large proportion of Magpie's own estate fruit from the Small Town Vineyard in Ebenezer. 100% Shiraz and…
Magpie Estate 'Small Town' Shiraz
Quantity: 1
Price: £ 13.95
A cracking Shiraz made almost entirely from our own Small Town vineyard. Aged in oak for just over 12 months, some new French and American plus some older oak…
Quantity: 1
Price: £ 14.95
Our first release and the grapes all came from our new estate Smalltown vineyard in Ebenzer. 25 year old vine Cabernet Sauvignon vines on the property have…
magpie estate schnell
Quantity: 1
Price: £ 13.50
A really solild Schnell with a large amount of the grapes coming from our own Small Town vineyard purchased in October 2016. 60% Shiraz mainly from our…
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