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Javi Revert Mixed 6-Pack

Mixed Case
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javi revert labelI love Javi Revert's wines and have drunk them several times in Valencia and back home. I am delighted to have got a small allocation of these lovely, pure, complex, fresh yet very individual wines. Jamie Goode's notes below are really excellent so i have reproduced them in full. I am hoping to go and visit myself once restrictions have been lifted. 

"Valencia is a region in eastern Spain not known for fine wine production, but there is one winegrower – Javi Revert – who is busy changing the region’s reputation. I caught up with him via Zoom for an interview, and tasted his wines.

Revert grew up in the village of Font de la Figuera, where his own project is now based. Both his grandfathers had vineyards and a winery each. ‘But when the cooperative began in my village in 1971, they closed the wineries and sent their grapes there,’ he says. ‘I have always loved vineyards and I have always worked in them.’ Revert went on to study agronomic engineering, and in 2009 he began working at Cellar de Roure in Valencia.

Mixed Case Contents:
Javi Revert 'Micalet'
Quantity: 2
Price: £ 28.49
His white wine, Micalet, is from a single vineyard. ‘It’s a vineyard my great grandfather planted in 1948. Half of this vineyard is pe franco …
Javi Revert 'Sensal'
Quantity: 2
Price: £ 25.99
"Revert makes two single vineyard wines, Micalet and Simeta, but Sensal is made from several plots. ‘In the beginning, in 2016 and 2017, I made Sensal with…
Javi Revert 'Simeta'
Quantity: 2
Price: £ 31.95
Simeta comes from a single vineyard where the soils are a little different, and the aspect is south rather than the north of the other vineyards. ‘Micalet and…
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