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vega sicilia valbuena 5
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Vega Sicilia Valbuena No. 5


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Valbuena is the purest expression of red wine at Vega Sicilia and is aged over five winters in barrel then bottle, hence the name of the end product: Valbuena 5º. The crucial first year of ageing takes place in barrel, with 75% French oak and 25% American oak. In this first stage, the aim is to amplify the wine’s structure, sense of sweetness and density. The second year of ageing takes place in large wooden vats and, during this stage, it gains elegance, complexity, tension and subtlety.


The Vintage

High April temperatures saw budbreak come slightly early in the vineyard, but sharp temperature changes towards the end of that month and severe widespread frosts significantly affected budbreak. The most destructive frost occurred on the night of April 27/28, though the estate’s frost towers helped lessen its effects. The cold front at the end of April/start of May passed over quickly, giving way to high temperatures and just enough rain, enabling the vineyard to recover. The total rainfall of just 235mm across the entire growing season was below the historical average. The significant diurnal temperature variations during the first fortnight of September contributed to the ripeness and balance of the finished wine.

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