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palacios faraona
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Descendientes de J. Palacios 'La Faraona'


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The nose of this is absolutely sensational. It is just on another level; the aromas are lifted like Moncerbal but then transcend that, becoming even more lifted, again and again, like a wisp of cirrus cloud high up in the atmosphere. The feeling of energy just hits the senses, overwhelming the taster with an impression of light and vibrancy. It is floral and herbal, all at the same time, with an almost menthol sensation as the aromas flow through the nose. Somehow this is both lifted and uplifting; it is a very ‘positive’ wine, if one can say such a thing. It feels almost charged with electricity. 

The palate has incredible purity and focus. Notes of lavender, sage and bergamot combine with a cornucopia of Mediterranean herbs. There is a citrus character too of lemon verbena which is enhanced by the incredible purity and focus of the wine. The tannins are gorgeous and chalky, still with a lot of grip at this stage in this wine’s infancy, but which then fade as if brushed off a blackboard. The precision is hugely impressive and the notes of Assam tea leaves on the finish seem everlasting. Astonishing. Drink 2027-2048. 

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