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Noel Young

Status: Married - Vicky, children: Jack & Jessica

Time with NYW: Started Noel Young Wines in 1991

Favourite wine: Hard to choose: love Champagne, especially with age. Rhone wines, Pinot Noir when it's sweet and pure, Riesling. Balanced, oaked Chardonnay, Australian Shiraz/Grenache/Mourvedre, as varietal's or blends Gruner Veltliner and Austrian dessert wines. Albarino, Godello and Txakoli. Loving Italian reds especially Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Barbera. Dry Lambrusco. Vermouth.

Least favourite: Unripe wines. Unbalanced wines, Late harvested varieties in cool climate areas ie. Shiraz in Tasmania (although some decent ones emerging!)! Much-hyped Bordeaux. Wine that tastes of cider. Wine labelled as 'natural' with no sense of place or variety, just faults.

Most annoying thing about wine trade: The lack of adventure in some wine drinkers: we've been drinking so & so's good ordinary Claret for years… and indeed some couriers/delivery drivers!

Favourite food:I love outdoor cooking and have 7 barbecues...Meat in general! Slow roasted meats, top quality Burgers are hugely under-appreciated, also fish such as Turbot, Dover Sole, Brill. Paella Valenciana, authentic Tapas, traditional English breakfast, Shellfish especially from Australia, good Mexican, love a bit of chilli too. Hot buttered toast and bovril can also be heavenly.

Food & wine: Sparkling Shiraz & barbecued foods. Good off-dry rose with spicy foods, Gruner Veltliner and white meats. Pinot Noir and Grenache with spicy food (chilli/some curries). Albarino and meaty fish like Brill, Turbot etc. White burgundy and Dover Sole. 

Interests: Wine! Beer! Spirits!…my family, travel- especially Valencia, eating out, pubs, Cambridge United FC and sport in general, music, especially Morrissey, films & classic tv.

Favourite links:!,, (fantastic meat).

Desert island wine: Australian Sparkling Shiraz: I love Champagne and also full bodied spicy reds, especially Shiraz, and it needs to have a bit of alcohol! So Sparkling Shiraz it is, with perhaps Rockford Black, Seppelt Show Reserve, Charles Melton or E&E Black Pepper at the top of the list, and of course now my own Magpie Estate 'The Tight Cluster'!.

Noel Young

Dan Young

Status: Cohabiting (partner Fiona)

Time with NYW: Since 1993/4

Favourite wine: Chenin, Chardonnay, Riesling, Gruner Veltliner, Pinot Noir, fizz.

Least favourite: Blush wines, Rioja (old style), unripe anything, Viognier (just don't like honeysuckle!).

Most annoying thing about wine trade: Certain delivery drivers, corked wines at 11pm.

Favourite food: Rib of beef, Xmas dinner, glorious Pork, sausages, scallops and proper fish, BBQ/braai/live fire cooking, organic chicken.

Food & wine: Riesling is supremely versatile - fish, chicken, lightly spiced, chinese. Chardonnay & Gruner Veltliner with fish & white meats.

Interests: Wine, sport (esp. Golf, football, cricket), films, cooking, reading, travelling, gaming, wildlife, cycling and running.

Favourite links:,, Etsy, eBay, Facebook BBQ pages, Google Maps

Desert island wine: Montrachet for it's sheer indulgence and layered mutifaceted flavours and aromas. Also a fair chance of some decent fish on a desert island, not too many cows!

Dan with partner

Jamie Harrison

Status: Married - Angharad. Children: Alexander & Sebastian (twins)

Time with NYW: Since 1998

Favourite wine: A tough question... Chard, Ries, fizz (also red fizz and Moscato), Shiraz, Malbec.

Least favourite: Bad Cava, sweet rose, Hunter Semillon.

Most annoying thing about wine trade: Lifestyle shows on television that make us all look like a bunch of efete snobs. The word ' winebuff '.

Favourite food: Homemade bolognese, good burgers, scallops, steaks and glorious bacon.

Food & wine: BBQ meats with a red with bags of sweet fruit.

Interests: Reading (SF&F, military history fiction and non-fiction ) eating out, sport (footie, cricket playing and watching, rugby union, darts). Travel epecially Greece and Madeira

Favourite links:,,,

Desert island wine: Fizz and lots of it. The versatility of sparkling booze! Red, white, dry, semi-sweet. Of course if you found another islander with a different kink then Champagne cocktails are great fun too.

Mr T


Status: Single

Time with NYW: Joined summer 2019

Favourite wine: Cabernet-based left-bank dusty old Bordeaux, feisty, spicy old-vine Garnacha, Riesling, fizz, fortified styles (port, sherry, madeira). Aromatic, Alsatian whites. White Rhone is seriously underrated. Anything with a bit of personality and character.

Least favourite: Anything overly sweet without any acidity that just tastes sickly. “Natural” wine that actually tastes of off cider vinegar. Thin, watery rose concealed in ostentatious bottles.

Most annoying thing about wine trade: Thin, watery rose concealed in ostentatious bottles. The 1970s: not all German wine is sweet, and not all Sherry is Harvey’s Bristol Cream

Favourite food: Red wine risotto, most forms of curry but particularly Indian, with good dahl on the side. Pad Thai, tabouleh, Mediterranean/middle-eastern food mostly involving too much hummus.

Food & wine: Dry sherry with nuts, oily olives, tapas. Italian food with wine from the same region. Sauternes with caramelised desserts. Rustic southern French reds with hearty, savoury casseroles/stews. Vinho verde in the summer with light salads

Interests: Music (playing and listening), rugby, reading, film, languages, history. Wine tourism, travel to places with good ruins to look at

Favourite links:

Desert island wine: Mature vintage port for its boundless, delightful complexity and comfort. Washed down with demi-sec champagne.

Oliver S
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